Friday, April 20, 2007


I have to admit I found the photos of the man responsible for the tragedy at Virginia Tech very disturbing. It was just too horrible to look at that bland face and those cold, dead eyes and to see him handling that gun like he thinks he's some kind of action movie hero. And of course you can't help but realize that that image was the last thing so many beautiful, innocent young people saw--it's just too awful. It scares me to think how many people looking at those photos are getting some kind of ghoulish thrill out of them.

It's even more disturbing is to listen the dialogue that has since ensued concerning gun control--the kind of dialogue you expect to hear after a tragedy like this-and to hear the rhetoric from gun shop owners and the NRA fanatics, who say this tragedy wouldn't have happened if more people had guns. Huh? So then I guess their vision of a Utopian society is where everybody's packing (legally, course) and anyone can just pull out a piece and shoot the bad guys whenever necessary. And gun battles in the streets are supposed to feel make us safer? Kind of blows your mind.

But the most disturbing thing of all is that after two days of looking at those sick photos, they don't frighten me nearly as much any more. It's scary how quickly you can get used to unspeakable horror.

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